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Global vehicle demand, supply chain disruptions and parts shortages caused by the COVID-19 are impacting the production and delivery time of new Lexus vehicles.

Lexus Australia understands that these production and delivery times are inconvenient.

We apologise for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

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We are working closely with our global production team to secure supply and reduce wait times.

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The current wait times may vary for different models, engine types and grades.

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The final specification of your new Lexus may differ due to ongoing improvements to our vehicles.

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Your preferred Lexus Dealer can help answer any questions you may have regarding the status of your vehicle.

What are my options?


Ask about availability and estimated delivery times for your preferred vehicle, as well as discuss any possible changes to specifications.


If the vehicle you want isn't available now, you can consider a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.


Why is my vehicle delayed?
Record demand for new vehicles around the globe, supply chain disruptions and parts shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are causing extended wait times for certain models, engine types and grades.
Who do I contact to find out more regarding the delivery date of my vehicle?
Your preferred Lexus Dealer is best placed to answer questions about the delivery date of your vehicle.
How often will I be getting updated on the status of my vehicle delivery?
Your Lexus Dealer will typically be able to provide an update on the status of your vehicle each month. Your Lexus Dealer can notify you of an estimated delivery date once production of your vehicle is confirmed and can provide a more precise delivery date when your vehicle arrives in Australia.
Can I order my car through a different dealership to reduce the wait time?
No. Lexus Australia are working alongside our Dealer network to secure supply of new vehicles and distribute them fairly.
Can I change my order to reduce the wait time?

Delays may vary by model, engine type and grade. Your preferred Lexus Dealer can help you understand your options.

How can I find out if there will be changes to the vehicle I have ordered?
The final specification of your new Lexus may differ to what you have ordered due to ongoing improvements to our vehicles. Your preferred Lexus Dealer can help you understand if there are any upcoming changes to the vehicle you have ordered.
Is it possible to get a service loan car while I await my vehicle delivery?
Service Loan Cars are typically not available prior to the delivery of your new Lexus vehicle. Please contact your preferred Lexus Dealer for further information.
Am I able to cancel my vehicle order?
If delivery of your vehicle has been delayed, please raise any concerns with your Lexus Dealer. The terms for cancelling your order are outlined in your Contract of Sale.
Why are both Lexus Australia and my Lexus dealer contacting me with updates?
On top of communication from your preferred Lexus Dealer, Lexus Australia is contacting affected customers to provide further background, and to thank customers for their understanding.
What impact does this have on my Lexus finance leasing terms?
Please contact the Finance & Insurance Manager at the Lexus Dealership where your application was submitted for further information.

If your enquiry is about your current loan with Lexus Financial Services, please contact the Lexus Financial Services Customer Solutions Centre on 1300 888 840 for assistance.
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