Lexus Customer Charter

  1. Lexus and its Dealers are committed to resolving customer concerns quickly and effectively, and in accordance with customer’s rights under the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). This Charter provides a summary of:
    1. Your options in relation to concerns you may have as they relate to Lexus Vehicles; and
    2. Our processes for handling customer concerns.
  2. Lexus Australia, along with its nationwide network of Dealers, is deeply committed to creating the very best customer experience.
  3. Every new vehicle purchased after 1 January 2021 is protected by at least a five year unlimited kilometre warranty1. Find out more about our Lexus Warranty Experience here. Lexus products come with automatic guarantees that they will work and do what you asked for, under what is referred to as Australia’s consumer guarantee rights.
  4. In dealing with a customer’s concern, Lexus and its Dealers consider whether the customer has any rights under each of:
    1. The consumer guarantees provided in the ACL; and
    2. The New Vehicle Warranty (which applies to vehicles delivered before 1 January 2021); or
    3. The Lexus Warranty Experience (which applies to vehicles delivered from 1 January 2021).
  5. If you have a concern, Lexus and its Dealers are committed to having it dealt with fairly, transparently and efficiently. If you have a concern or wish to exercise any rights you may have under the ACL or a relevant vehicle warranty, we recommend you take the following steps:
    1. Discuss your concern with the people at your local or preferred Lexus Dealer.
    2. If your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction by the representative at your Lexus Dealer, you can ask to speak with the General Manager or Dealer Principal, as they are responsible for the overall operation of the Dealership. They can also raise your concern with Lexus directly.
    3. If your concern remains unresolved or you would like to speak with someone at Lexus directly, you can contact the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre or “LCAC” via:
      • Telephone 1800 023 009
      • Email [email protected]
        The LCAC operates Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm (AEST)
    4. Although the LCAC can provide assistance, at the outset Lexus recommends that any concern will be quicker to resolve if you have discussed it with your local Lexus Dealer first.
  6. To progress your concern effectively and efficiently, please have the following information on hand when raising it with a Dealer or the LCAC:
    • Your name, address, telephone number and email;
    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or registration number;
    • Vehicle type, age and approximate kilometres travelled;
    • If you contact the LCAC, details of your Lexus Dealer and who you have been dealing with at that Dealership to resolve your concern; and
    • Details of your concern.
  7. Please note that the consumer guarantees provided in the ACL cannot be replaced, limited or removed by any agreement, contract or warranty. You can find more information about your rights by visiting the ACCC’s website
  8. The consumer guarantees apply in the same way regardless of whether the vehicle is covered by the New Vehicle Warranty (which applies to vehicles delivered before 1 January 2021) or the Lexus Warranty Experience (which applies to vehicles delivered on or after 1 January 2021). So if something goes wrong with your vehicle, you may be entitled to a remedy under the consumer guarantees as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.
  9. The consumer guarantees may continue to apply after the New Vehicle Warranty or the Lexus Warranty Experience has expired. The New Vehicle Warranty and the Lexus Warranty Experience apply in addition to, and do not affect, customer’s rights under the consumer guarantees.
  10. In dealing with customer concerns, Lexus and Dealers must comply with all relevant laws, including making sure customers are provided with the remedies to which they are entitled under the ACL and relevant vehicle warranty.
1.Warranty conditions apply. The standard Lexus Warranty Experience period is 5yrs, with unlimited kms, from delivery. Excludes vehicles used for a commercial purpose, such as taxis, hire vehicles and vehicles transporting people or goods for payment including rideshare. The commercial vehicle Lexus Warranty Experience period is 5 years from delivery or 160,000kms (whichever occurs first). The Lexus genuine parts/accessories purchased at and fitted by a Lexus Dealer are warranted for the remainder of Lexus Warranty Experience period (5yrs/unlimited kms) or for 2yrs from installation, whichever is greater. Lexus Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased at & fitted to a Lexus vehicle by a Lexus dealer are warranted for the remainder of that vehicle’s Lexus Warranty Experience period, or 2yrs from installation (whichever is greater). Genuine Parts/Accessories purchased from, but not fitted by, a Lexus dealer are warranted for 2yrs from date of purchase. See for T&Cs. This warranty does not limit & may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.


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